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We think mechanic is lying to us. The car is a Corsa B Lite 1.4 2003 model.

Whenever we step on the clutch it makes a funny te te te te te noise and when we let go of the clutch the noise disappears.

We had the mechanic take the clutch out thinking it was a thrust / throwout bearing and then he told us it was the thrust washers on the crankshaft and that we need a new engine it will work out cheaper :(

Can that be the case or is it really just the thrust bearing? The engine has only 150000k on it and all services have been done.

We already paid so much just so the guy can see what is wrong with the clutch for nothing. Can anybody lead us in the right direction please.

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Hi.Release bearing is the most likely cause.On what did he base his diagnosis?

Was the bearing replaced but the noise remained? Did he also replace the whole clutch or at least recommend it.If not find a better mechanic.

If the thrust washer end float problem was spotted immediately and the car is still dismantled the question remains is this bad enough to be the likely cause?

Ask him to demonstrate to you, or an experienced friend or mechanic that it is bad enough.Grab on the flywheel yourself and see just how much it can be moved in and out and up and down. A very small amount in and out is acceptable, but not up and down. If movement it not obviously bad ask him to measure it while you watch.I cant find the limits for this engine but most seem to be about 5 thousands of an inch normal maybe 10 thou maximum. Thats about 0.127 to 0.254 mm. Very small.You will barely feel it if at all

I dont know this particular car but replacing thrust washers could be a big job. He may be right that a replacement engine may be more cost effective depending on labour cost and availability of good engine. And is it worth doing?
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