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Hi everyone,

My first post so thanks in advance for anyone who can help me.

I've just got my first car, a 2003 Corsa C 1.2 Design, and tried to insure it. I got turned down by the insurers as the car has non-standard wheels (I didn't know they weren't original even though they are Vauxhall wheels). Apparently the alloy wheels that are fitted are not original ones and therefore the car is classed as modified and they wont insure it. Even if I put a set of original/standard wheels back on my insurers wont touch it as it is now classed as "modified" so I will need to move to another insurer. How stupid is that?

My question is does anybody know what the standard wheel and tyre size should have been fitted to my car please? I'm guessing they will be steel rims with plastic wheel trims but there seems to be several different sizes.

Once sorted I can insure my car and will probably have a set of Corsa alloys with good tyres if anybody wants them.

Any help is appreciated.


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