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I struggled with understanding this to start with, wondering which handle you had pulled to recline the seat - Then the 'penny dropped', I think that you are referring to the handle on the side of the seat which allows you to tilt the backrest forwards, rather than reclining, which is done with the hand wheels between the seats.

If this is what you are in fact referring to, what has most likely happened, is that the cable inside the seat has become detached, or has broken.
Repairing it isn't the problem - you can replace or joint it.
The difficult bit is in accessing it, which entails stripping back the upholstery and getting it back in place.
It is quite 'doable', but a bit time consuming.

As far as Corsa information goes, this forum has about had its day, I'm sure that you have noticed all of the rubbish posted on here now.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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