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Philips Blue Vision is the ultimate Xenon effect car bulbs and the winner of the 2005 Auto Express Best Buy award! Philips Blue Vision produces a white light with a slight blue tint and with up to 30% more light on the road, these bulbs are a great combination of both style and vision.

The new and improved design of BlueVision means the bulb burns at 4000K (Kelvin) - no other bulb has this colour temperature, which is the closest to natural daylight. The 'brilliant white daylight' that is produced, enhances road sign and road marking reflections, meaning that driving at night becomes a lot safer.


• Up to 30% more light on the road
• Bright white light with a blue tint
• Quartz glass construction - safe to use with plastic lenses
• Set of W5W sidelights with every order of BlueVision Twin Blister
• Fully 'E' Marked and road legal

Free pair of W5W Philips BlueVision when you order any BlueVision twin blister pack.

Philips Blue Vision W5W /501 are the advance solution for sidelights that match the colour temperature of HID (High Intensity Discharge) and H1, H4 and H7 extra white lamps.

Now made out of blue glass rather than the blue coating to make the bulbs last even longer.

Sale Includes

H1 Twin Blister - Was £19.99 Now £14.99
H4 Twin Blister - Was £19.99 Now £14.99
H7 Twin Blister - Was £24.99 Now £17.99
W5W / 501 - Was £7.99 Now £5.49
T4W / 233 - Was £7.99 Now £5.49
H6W / 434 - Was £12.99 Now £7.99

'Now' prices include 10% discount, which can be obtained by entering 10off at the checkout stage.

View our range of upgrade bulbs

H1 Bulbs, H4 Bulbs, H7 Bulbs, HB3 Bulbs, HB4 Bulbs, W5W Bulbs

*Sale only applies to products mentioned above. Offer valid until 31/10/2009. Related products: Philips car bulbs, Osram Night Breaker, h7 Philips blue vision.
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