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I know PVS was 3 weeks ago. I've been a member of corsasport for a while now, and im starting to get tired of the constant arguements etc so i've decided to become more active here. Anyway I didn't do a usual trip to PVS :laugh:

This is what was posted on Corsasport...

The smiley's will be different, so just ignore the ":boggle: / :lol: " etc :laugh:


Okay, some of you be aware that I didn't go on a normal route to PVS :0

The route was....

Llandudno (North Wales) To Leeds To Fife (scotland) and then down to PVS :|

Left Llandudno about 10am on Friday morning, 20 minutes later i got told by a policeman to get off the phone :| Then I went to set off to Gary's in Leeds...

^ Tailback

^ Celica which sounded diesel :boggle:

^ Froggy

^ Froggy again :lol:

^ The arrival at Gary's in just 1 hour 40! :|

After a quick catch up, we left the flat and got some fuel..

^ The stickers got EVERYWHERE :lol:

^ Gary wrote about 5-6 sheets out in the end :|

^ Then he got bored :lol:

Some weird bike

^ More stickers :lol:

Then he found a pen :|

Stopped at a random services

Then more driving

Stopped for a wee wee..

Then we arrived in Scotland :!

And Gary realised he didn't have any jeans, so we stopped in a random town called Jedbough :boggle:
So he bought some jeans about 7 sizes too small!



Then we were on our way and...... Gary decided he needed a wee :lol:

Then back on the road and reached.... Traffic :(


100 miles or so later, and we stopped again

In that little chef, we got some paper and things for ryan :cool:

Then we were on our way again, and had to pay to get into somewhere in scotland :|

We then arrived at Eckmcmanns house :!

And we headed off to get beer, snacks, and pizza :cool:

On standard springs... :lol:

Went back to Ecks house from the Brown Tesco's and kebab shop and had a shower and changed to go out for a beer, we went to the most random bar EVER, and Gary & I couldn't understand a word at all, so we talked for a bit, had a drink, then i got 2 free coke's from the old man sitting next to me :cool: Eck was on his merry way to get pissed, and gary and I were half asleep :lol: So we decided we better go home, must of been about half 11 - 12, and whilst waiting for a taxi some scottish guy thought it would be funny to call us pricks or something :rolleyes: Got in the taxi, and we couldnt understand him either :lol:

Got back to ecks house and I played with his rat

Fell asleep on eck's bed for 30 - 60 mins :lol:

Then Eck decided to pour litres and litres of water down a crack in the floorboards :lol::lol: He was drunk :rolleyes:

We then decided with the remaining water we should wake gary up...

Youtube video :lol:


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Then at half 1 ish we left :|

The orange dot here... is the moon, looked really weird

Then got to 'the line' which i jumped over :cool:

Was tempted to write Wales somewhere :boggle::lol:

Back to the car and they both fell asleep again! :mad::mad:

^ Dribbbbble :lol::lol::lol:

Then tiredness hit me! Music on full blast, windows all open, neck 4 cans of redbull, and still fell asleep on the motorway :| the white line woke me up :| So i stopped in services bought ice cream, and a lollypop to concentrate on and off we went :lol:

Reached 55000 (+4 :0 )

Then my foot went down and didn't bring it up till i phoned Steve to tell him we were 20 mins away :lol: ( This was at 6.30 am :| )

The tomtom thought we would get to steve's at 8.45, but arrived at 7AM!!!!!

Steve trying to put my arch on with dry tiger seal :lol:

:lol: Then we cleaned my car, and got stickers off etc, and opened the door with eck in and decided to unleash the hose on him :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Went for a shower, and had some cornflakes aswell :cool:

Before we hoovered a tin of pringles eck decided to put on the floor and stamp them into the carpet we thought it was best we moved eck into steve's lounge :lol:

When gary was in the shower, and steve dropped his sister off somewhere I got bored.... :lol:


Steve came back, and after his oil change we were ready to go :!

Then we went along on our merry way :!

and nearly forgot eck :lol:

Then we met up at woodhall services to convoy down to pvs, myself, steve, jonnyj & matt h :cool: So we had a KFC and off we went, we left eck in the car though with the deadlocks on :lol:

Then we pretty much arrived there :lol: :wave:

Lost the camera for a bit on the saturday night, so didn't really get any pics :(




Then it was off home, but dropping eck off in Manchester first :rolleyes:

Stopped for a Burger King on the way to Manchester

Cherry Picking in Manchester :! :lol:

^ A 1.2 12v :boggle: Wasn't sure that they did a 12v 1.2 ??

Had one more stop and went home....

And an Audi passing me mentally fast :lol: (I was doing 105, private road of course )

Total milage was just over 1100 miles :lol:

And thats it, 1100 miles, 14 cans of red bull, 2 pringles later im home :wave:

Enjoyed the weekend and was nice to meet everybody :wave:


Went on a 1100 mile roadtrip to get Eck to pvs.


Car has had a little progress since then, it's gained a new grill and been lowered :laugh:

Thanks for reading

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Oh my god that was wicked to read - I would've been soooo scared doing all those miles & driving near enough all over the country. :thumbs_up:

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saw these pics on cs a while back, and even tho im not a member ive noticed so much bitching about 106gtis etc kind ruins it

great pics mate. thought our cornwall - pvs trip was far but ill let u win this one lol

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PVS was amazing can't wait for next year.

Looks like you had a right good trip.

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Looks like you had a great time, some great pic there, really wish i had gone now :(
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