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Hi Guys,

Some advice needed please i don't know much about cars apart from driving them.

I was driving home from work last night and suddenly the car lost power and then a couple of seconds later the engine cut out & the engine management light came on. i was able to start the car again and drive a few hundred yards before it did it again. Again it started ok and i managed to get the short distance home.

This morning the car started straight away as usual & the engine sounded normal while idling in the park position when i put it in Drive and moved off the power went and it cut out after only moving a couple of meters & i tried several times and same thing happened with the engine light coming on as before

does anyone have any ideas what the problem could be, i don't think i could manage to get it to a garage

any help would be much appreciated

thought id add that my fuel gauge was on the red but i couldnt put any in as morrisons near were i live was closed early, but surely it cant be that becuase if it was out of fuel wouldnt it not start at all?

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Welcome to the Forum.

IF your problem is due to low fuel in the tank, you will probably hear the pump running for longer than the few seconds that you can normally hear it for.

Also, if you suspect that the problem might be fuel related, it might pay to fit a new fuel filter (easy enough to access from under the rear drivers side of the car.)

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