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Hi all,

Just after a bit of help please.

06 1.2 ecotec engine.

It wouldn't start the other day - this has happened randomly twice before in the last year, a jump start got it going and all was fine.
Yesterday I push started it due to having no lead, it was quite a viscous jolt.
Got it on a ramp and sprayed WD40 around starter and solenoid in anticipation of replacing it (the original non start was the solenoid related I think)
Car started fine and ran, did 1 mile and engine light started flashing, revs dropped and the car was rough!
Managed to limp it home and checked the code via pedal test.
P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303.
Having searched around here I took the ignition coil off and plug out, checked the plugs, seemed okay, no visual damage.
The coil pack showing signs or rust on the two exposed metal parts to no. 2 and 3.
Disconnected the battery to clear the fault codes.
Put it all back together, pedal test shows P0220 and P0141 (O2 sensor and throttle pedal position)
Tried to start just 1 turn and then rapid clicking.

Tried to push start, turn once or twice but then nothing.
Tried a few times and nothing worked.

Had to push it back up the hill to my drive, horn started going off and hazards looked like they were trying to flash (guessing alarm/imob.)

So, car is sat on the drive, dead. lol

I am confused how the new two fault codes have appeared and why this may be.

Has anyone got any pointers or ideas to throw in please?

Much appreciated.
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