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Hi Patrick, a couple of suggestions, check the heat shield on top of the exhaust manifold, make sure it isn't loose or rattling...they do that...also the Catalytic converter, and all other silencers on the exhaust give them a bash with you fist, see if you can hear anything rattling inside, its not beyond the realms of possibility that when they had it off they could have dropped something down the exhaust and not been able to get it out....Fred.


I have an Opel Corsa 1.2 8v 1995 car.

A few weeks ago I had the oil sump gasket changed and for this to be changed, the exhaust pipe (connected to the cat) had to be unscrewed from the exhaust manifold.
After this while driving and riding over some small bumps I hear a rattling noise.

I checked the clamps near the cat converter and ensured that they are tightened and also the two bolts holding the clamp attached to the pipe going to the cat to the exhaust manifold.
I really guess that the noise is coming from here however I can't find a way how to end the rattle.

Have you ever met this issue before or do you have any suggestions or clues how to solve this?

Thanks and regards,
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