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23rd Jun 13 at 07:17 PM
In need of a bit of help. Ive got a 1.6 61 plate zafira. Under acceleration and when I back off basically whenever the car is moving in gear there is a sort of rattling noise and hum that seems to be getting worse. Out of gear the engine revs freely so im sure its not the engine. Im guessing somthing is wrong with the gearbox but I just wondered if anyone was able to shed any light before I take it to the garage. Thanks in advance.

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It is always difficult to describe a noise, even more difficult to accurately diagnose a fault without actually hearing it.
I would suggest that you start with the basic items:

Check that the road wheels are tight.
With the car out-of-gear, grasp each drive shaft and attempt to turn it by hand, there may be a little movement there, but anything more than about 2° could spell trouble with the outer drive shaft coupling or hub nut.
Check the oil level in the gearbox.
Jack up each front wheel in turn and rotate the wheel by hand, listening and feeling for any roughness and/or noises. Any roughness could be due to problems with the wheel bearings, but if this were the case, it would tend to be on one side only and you would probably have told us that the problem was worse when cornering. It could also be down to a failing differential bearing. If there is roughness on both sides, again it could be differential problems or problems with the gearbox.

Are you quite sure that the problem is not simply down to something under the car being loose, such as the exhaust system or heat-shields?

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