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Hi all,

I've recently taken the drums off the rear wheels to try and sort out a problem with the brakes and am now confused.

I get the cable part of the brakes and how that bit works, but if there's a cable there why is there a hydraulic cylinder as well, what does it do and how does it link to the rest of the system?

I don't want to mess things up through a lack of understanding!



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Welcome to the Forum.

What you have been able to understand, is the hand-brake (parking-brake if you prefer), that is cable operated.

What you are struggling with is the foot-brake (service-brake if you prefer), this is hydraulic, working from the same master cylinder as the front brakes.

If you need to work on the brakes at all, and are not sure of what you are doing, I would strongly advise that you ask Santa to bring you a copy of the Haynes Manual.
If you do buy one, make sure that it is the correct one for the model AND year of your car, or you will find yourself reading up on items that might not even be fitted to your car.

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