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HI All,

This isn't a help me thread, more a guess what I've found out - it may be common knowledge but just trying to be helpful for a change.

I have a 1.0 12v Envoy - X reg corsa B

Mine had a non-illuminating switch

Wanted blue LED rear foglight switch and was lucky enough to get one off Dannyboy :thumbs_up:

Fitted and found the switch illuminated as well as the on dash display, but operated strangely.

IE) With light switch on :

Pushed fog switch once - Both switch and dash illuminate - Fog comes on
Pushed fog switch again - Switch goes out - dash stays illuminated - Fog still on
Pushed fog switch again - Switch illuminates - dash goes out - Fog goes out
Pushed fog switch again - Everything goes out

Blatantly something not right so went to crazy LED's and bought non-illuminated switch

Fitted, but still strangeness going on

Every time lights turned on - fog display on dash illuminates and fog comes on - goes out if switch pushed and comes back on if pushed again.

So, called Michael @ Crazy LED's :thumbs_up: - After checking part number off my original switch we find its from a Vauxhall Aguilla and is a totally different switch ( part number 09114917 ) as opposed to non-illuminating corsa b switch (part number 90534861 ) - If your really unlucky and the labels have come off your switch - the corsa one has a definite click where as the Aguilla one doesn't.


Oh Michael's in process of modifying his website to add the Aguila option
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