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Hello all im new to this forum and need your help

I have a V reg 1.216v Envoy Corsa b Automatic

Fitted new clocks yesterday with a rev counter

Electric clocks fitted straight into my exsiting electric plug

Everything works ok,speedo,temp,fuel etc

The only thing that is concerning me is the rev counter! It doesnt seem to be showing the correct revs at speed
i.e when im doing 70 mph it will sit at 2000rpm which seems very low!
my friend has the indentical car 1.216v auto fitted with a factory rev counter clocks and his car sits at 70mph at the first bar after 3000rpm

Is there anyway or reclaibrating this? Or would resetting the ECU help? I did a test today and parked up and put it to the rev limiter and
it only went up as far as 4000rpm before stopping

Im assuming my new clocks fitted didnt come from an automatic before as i had to fit the "S" bulb. Also the K= 23868 is the same as my old clocks as well as my friends Corsa

Many thanks!!!!


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