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Hi all
I have a corsa 1.0 d breeze
Engine light came on a year ago,so we got it checked and it said it was the sensor in the manifold
So it was replaced,also noted the oil was almost completely gone !
Refilled the oil
We were also told the cat was cracked...hmmm thats strange i thought
But then remembered the time my missus parked the front end over the edge of a big hole,so maybe that cracked it
So replaced the cat,sure enough it was cracked
So i thought that would be the end of the troubles
Little while later the engine light came on,it happened so much that i bought a scanner so i can turn it off myself
Its always sensor one or sensor two,the ones on the exhaust
Three months later the exhaust started blowing,sat morning on my way to the kent county show,and wallop... The bottom section of the cat fell of. Wtf
We got another one fitted,sensor lights still coming on
Noticed the oil had dissapeared again,theres never any noticeable smoke
Or any sign of oil leaking anywhere
Then the coil pack broke down
So new pack and a set of plugs and it was all right for a while
Two months
Sensor LIght is back on now,and its feeling a bit jumpy,like the coil pack is breaking down again
Im sick of the car ,and if i owned a tank i would drive over it
Im near gravesend kent,is there any specialists around as i just cant be bothered any more,but its the missuses car,so it has to stay
Theres no point taking it to vauxhall as they just dont seem to have a clue
Unless there scanner tells em what to do
I had to tell them when the coil pack went,they told me it was the cat
Because their fault reader told them that

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You've changed one sensor in the exhaust, have you changed the other?
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