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Have 2012 corsa D 1.4 petrol. Past 2yrs been having the odd 'hiccup' after decelerating then accelerating away moderately eg roundabout. been checked out by several garages all say there's nothing wrong...but there is. It's the wifes car and only driven short distances with little problem. Starts and runs well good economy no abnormalities under the bonnet (oil, water etc). well serviced and maintained.

I have started to use it now to see if I can replicate the issue so the garage can actually experience it. I have found that when driven at higher speeds (eg motorway) for more than 20mins if you slow down to about 50mph 2000 revs and you accelerate moderately or hard it has several 'hiccups' before settling and moving on. I say hiccup as I dont feel it is missing. Last few journeys I seem to have provoked it and after about 20mins of higher speed driving now if you let it drop to 50mph 2000revs then accelerate there is obvious power drop and a bit rough running for about 5 seconds then power comes back and the engine management light flashes about 5x can be repeated several times on the same journey....

diagnostics at local garage that preps race cars plugged in and said all the numbers were correct??

who knows??? any ideas
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