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Well after originally not planning to go to this meet we got bored and headed over. The meet was the first one and it was held in the Ikea Car park in Breahead. The owners of ikea had been asked previously for permission to use the site and it had been granted on the condition that no mess be left and no idiotic driving.

The police were also notified of the event but they didnt make an appearance once. The Meet was due to start at 8. We arrived at ten to and it was pretty much empty with only 4-5 cars there. We then left and went for a photoshoot at a nearby location returning an hour later when it had got alot busier.

Unfortunately it was not the best weather, it wasnt raining but it was damp, There was good opportunity for meeting new people and everyone was really friendly. I was experimenting with a diifferent camera and due to me still learning how to use it alot of my pics didnt turn out well so i didnt bother uploading them.

I hope there is another meet like this in the near future.

Enjoy the pics.


Jons Mini:

Dode's Rx8

Dode explaining what females do in the passenger seat of the RX8

Suzie's Megane

Mairead's Polo:

Brians Mini:



Nice Seat



Corsa C



101 Uses for a tripod, Use number 1:

Flyers i got my mate to print off, Only handed out 1 so far

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Spot on Mark!!!
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