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As I see you have 1.0 B, and I know on this fuel filter is under the drivers side door. I'm not sure if the fuel pump is before or after the filter, but if its after you can just take of the filter and the fuel will just drain out into a fuel canister.

If the fuel pump is before the fuel filter, you could try taking the car battery and directly wiring it to the pump (after the fuel filter has been disconnected), this will make the pump just push the fuel out of where you disconnected the fuel filter.

I did the battery option with a mate on an old Micra a few weeks back. I'm not sure if it's an option on the Corsa. And ofcourse, there's some safety precautions you should probably follow when doing this, like keeping away battery sparks from fuel.
But I will let someone else agree or disagree with my battery option... Might be different on a Corsa.
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