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Slow tickover and its a bit noisy on acceleration
Hi Everyone

I have a 56 Corsa 1.0 classic with 36k on it and have a little engine running problem with it.

It appears to me the tick over is a bit slow about 600 rpm, and when you put your foot down it sound a bit roary and shakes a little between tick over setting and about 1100 rpm and when it slows down again between 1100 rpm and tickover, the roaring appears to even out during normal running.

The engine management light doesn't come on when the engine is running.

I've checked for air leaks, changed the filter, cleaned the pipes out, sprayed the carb with cleaner and rededs, but can't appear to find anything out of the ordinary.

So is there any common failing with sensors or something else I need to be looking for?


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