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Milton Keynes:

Buckingham Road (30MPH): Camera on right hand side, hidden behind a sign and not visible until closer.

Fenny Stratford (30MPH): Opposite Pink Punters.

Stoke Hammond (30MPH): After using Stoke Road, carry on behind Lakes Estate. This camera is on left handside.

Central Bletchley (30MPH): Between Burger King & Leisure Centre.


Andover Road (30mph) both sids just after st barts school near st johns rounderbout

Andover Road (30mph) andover road wash common just after the double mini rounderbounds opposie the total garage facing both ways

Road to reading a34 (30mph) between newbury and thatcham just after the car sales garage on the left on the way to reading

A34 on the way to newbury (30mph ) ( just after car sale agarge on the left)

The Moores Thatcham (30mph) hidden in a bush half way round the road

The Racourse Road (30mph) clearly visible with enought time to break

Oxford Road (30mph) just after the pub on the left going towards newbury

Oxford road (30mph) going away from newury just after the waitrose rounderbout

A34 half (30mph) half way between reading and newbury

Dunstable & Surrounding Areas

Langdale road - (30mph - Truvelo) - Oposite school 1/2 way down the road.

Drovers way - (30mph - Truvelo + Mobile) - 1/2 way down the road roughly. Often coppers with hairdryers down that road to.

Luton Road- (30mph - Van(s)!!) Between Dunstable and Luton, just before the white lion retail park when heading towards luton - OFTEN Camera vans on this road.

Luton Road - 2 along this one bit of road going into luton (flash from behind only)

Luton Road - 2 along this bit of road on the other side coming into dunstable (flash from behind only)

Luton Road - also a camera at the traffic lights to stop people jumping reds, by the pub EYE AND LAMB half way along the road. only photo's people going TOWARDS luton.

A505 - (4x 50mph - Truvelos + Van) - Betwen Leighton Buzzard and Dunstable, 2 sets of 2 Truvelo cameras, rarely speed camera vans. If you don't know this road be VERY careful - it's a wide road and LOTS of overtaking, space can disapear VERY fast when you get 2 cars overtaking doing over a ton - Pleae be careful down here!!

A4146 - (Leighton Road) (30mph - Rear facing) - Just going out of Edlesborough heading south. Major accident spot other side of the hill, if you dont know the road go easy.

A5 - (60mph - Van) Between Dunstable and Juntion 9 of the M1 - Often camera van just before markyate, before a hill - Heavy accident spot, espically in mornings.

A5 - (40mph - Truvelo) - Between Dunstable and Hockliffe, in the white chalk cut-through - Just outside Dunstable.

B4540 - (30mph - Truvelo) - In Kensworth - As you enter from whipsnade side.

[updated version taken from Corsa-C]
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