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This is for anyone who needs to know the icon or bulb number as shown on the speedometer.
Steve has a little problem with his battery icon which is what led me to do this as i couldnt remember where the battery icon is!

Also i thought we could list what the icons are related to the number:

1) Oil ?
2) Main Beam ?
3) Battery ?
5) ABS Brakes ?
6) Fog Lights ?
8) Handbrake - Will be shown when handbrake is on
10) Indicators - Will be shown when indicating left / right or when you put on the hazard lights
11) Airbags ?
12) Engine Management Light
A) Space for speedometer lighting using T10 Bulb
B) Space for speedometer lighting using T10 Bulb

Please Reply with the rest so i can update this list
also if possible include a brief description of what it will show and when

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12 is engine management light

7 looks like heater light, for diesels

looks like 9 is a stick of dynamite! Always good to be warned when that is in the car!

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1- Oil pump failure
2- Hight Beam light
3- Battery / Alternator charging or malfunction
4- "SPORT" mode for automatic transmission (button in the gear stick)
5- Handbrake (for ABS equiped cars only) or ABS malfunction
6- Rear fog light
7- Injector heaters (diesel cars only)
8- Handbrake (for cars without ABS)
9- Is not the tow-hook, it was something for the automatic transmission, but dont remember exactly what
10- Turn signals
11- AirBag / Seatbelts pretensioners malfunction (also diagnosis for AirBag module)
12- Engine management


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Yes its normal. If it comes on while driving but after a few seconds it turn off again, something is wrong, but nothing too serious. But, if it lights up and doesnot trun off...go to the service inmediately.

You can also make a self diagnosis:

It your car has the 16-pin-plug, you can make the diagnosis by shorting the pins number 5 and 6. And, if your car has the 10-pin-plug short pins A and B.

Afterwords, the ENGINE MANAGEMENT LIGHT will flash, the secuence of those flashes will tell you whats wrong with the car, same as the computer test its done at the dealers garage but without the graphic interface

In both cases, alwas shorten the pins with the IGNITION OFF. After you short them, put the key in CONTACT

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The low fuel warning light doesnot exists on all corsas dashes. Its only present on those dash with tachometer, and, even some dashes with tachometer doesnot have this warning light! Dont know why!!!!!.
Its located on the left side of the petrol gauge, on the "empty" side.
When there are aprox 4 litres remain on the main tank, it will light up constantly. When the tank is totaly empty and only the "reserve tank" remains, it will flash. (the reserve tank is about another 4 litres)

The "fuel-empty" warning light is a red small fuel pump icon. Here its not light-up, but its the one inside the red circle...hope this helps:

will try to shoot one with that light turned on, which wont be difficult as the petrol here is very expensive :(

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