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So i had a supposed project thread before, but it has long been forgotten, and from now on i wanna start getting more pictures of what i'm doing.

So i will now post pictures of what i have done from when i got the car up to the present day.

And i'll try keep on top of it after this!

Started life as a 1.2 8v Corsa Merit, 68K on the clock, proper poverty spec.


Angel Eyes
Colour Coded Handles
Colour Coded Boot Lock
Flat Wipers
Fiat Maera Rear Wiper
Sport Spoiler
New Headunit, Subwoofer, Fli Amp & 6x9's, Alpine front speakers.
Sport Interior
Colour Coded Bumpers
Stubby Aerial
Debadged Grill
Colour Coded Wing Mirrors
Irmscher Grill Badge
Alloys (Fox Racing or something? They were free)

In Progress
C SXI Alloys refurbished in dark grey with Red/Silver centre logos.
Depos to replace angel eyes

To Do
Respray or Vinyl Wrap Wing Mirrors
Vinyl Wrap roof
Colour code black trim

When i got it:

Angel Eyes, Alloys, Flat Wipers, Painted Brakes, New Plates:

Debadged Grill, New Tax Disc Holder, M3 Mirrors (They were free..)

Sport Spoiler (& Debadge)

Wind Deflectors

Test Fit of New Alloys & Painted breaks

Colour Coded Front Bumper

6x9's, Colour Coded Rear, Weekend Wiper Sport Interior in

Grill badge

Think that's about it for now :)


704 Posts
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New presents arrive today :)

Although i can't fit the coilovers till december when i change insurance company :(

And an Irmy splitter that needs a quick respray :)

I know the coilovers aren't the best, but i got them for £120 brand new..

Which is quite a bit less than they usually go for, so i cant complain :)
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