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Star Silver - Corsa B 1999 SXi - Updated 23/02

Hey guys, here is my Star Silver Corsa B 1999 SXi 3dr. Had it since 2007, and have slowly modded it over the 4 years haha.

Work done to the Car:
Full interior swap - Corsa B Sport
De-badged grill - Now off the car
Pioneer Headunit
Pioneer front speakers
Unknown watt sub in the boot
Pipercross Induction Kit
FOX Racing - FX004 15" - 195/50/15
GSI Smoothed De-badged Front Bumper
De-badged Rear

FX Automotive lowering kit 60mm front, 40mm rear.
FX Automotive Front lower strut brace

Wish List:
Sportex exhaust system, Race tube and 3" Rolled tip rear box
Angle eyes or home made DEPO's

Heres when I first got the car.

One of the first things I did was re-move the grill for a De-badged one.

Managed to find a Sports interior that was it very good nic. Plus the driver's side seat was wearing out as it tends to do.

Didn't really do much from there on, was at college and then went on to university so the car was only used in the summer when I was back from uni.

So recently i've been doing more to the car.

Bought a Lockwood Dial kit and some blue LED's

Seems someone may have opened the clock housing before?

Fitted these Pioneer speakers, got them from a car boot damn cheap, new in box.

So after those little updates I was after some new alloys and felt it was time to go ahead and lower it haha.

The Vaux racing stripes were put on the car because of a rust spot quite low on both doors. But over time i've got used to having it, although it may have gotten bad attention. Like tw*ts pulling up next to me talking shi.. lol
My dad had some other stripes which we ended up putting over the bonnet, which I think ties the car up quite nicely :)

So here are a few more pictures, and this is after I de-badged the rear

This month I decided to buy some new alloys for it. Didn't really think about buying standard vaux alloys, such as cav slabs or even tigra wheels; so I went with some Fox Racing alloys from Carnoisseur.

Next item I was after was... A GSi kit. Managed to find a smoothed front bumper on ebay and win it for 71 quid.

Now onto fitting the new bumper :) It was sprayed up with just simple matt black paint, kinda feel like leaving it this way now.

Guy who I bought it from smoothed off the fogs and the badge area. And done a pretty good job.

While taking the old bumper off, my dad fixed the temp sensor. Use to display a nice -10' to -15'. But all good now :)

So after fitting the bumper and the new rims, it badly needs to be lowered. So bought an FK automotive kit. It cost around 150 quid, but gonna have to wait till I changed insurance companies to fit it.
This arrived last week :) all the way from Germany.

All the goodies inside haha

60mm front and 40mm rear springs

Front lower strut brace, gotta work out how to fit that. And get lucky with a dry day.

Rear sports shock

Front sports shock

Next thing to do is fit the lowering kit :)

Also these came today

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lol sign iup to photoshop and just copy the img code and then paste it into your text. but anyway it's nice to see another star silver corsa :) sort the pics out mate ;)
Copy the codes and the pictures will work.[/quote]

Yeah, cheers for the tips. Knew what I was doing but didn't expect the forum to handle it that way haha.

Anyways fixed the image links, gotta head out now but have a bunch of pictures that will be up there later tonight.
Cheers guys :thumbs_up:

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nice one mate what you planning for it?
Cheers, got a list on the first post at the top.
Gotta fit my lowering kit, and next thing im buying will be the sportex system. That will be in a couple of weeks time, and most likely fitted straight away.

But also guys, update on my log :)

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Those wheels with the matt black bumper look really good i think and a little different. I think the stock headlights actually look fine on this. Morrettes would look better than Angels or Depos on this (matt / gloss black ones)
Thanks for the comments, yeah I would love to get hold of some Morettes but don't you need to sort out the front indicators with those * sorry bit of a noob with that stuff haha*
Was going to go for the whole GSI kit, well only thing I really needed was the side skirts and just to colour code the plastics. But ran into problems a couple of weeks back when I tried to de-bump strip the car :(
Previous owner or owner's put tigerseal stuff to hold them on. I tried to take them off with hot water and used a guitar string to cut through what I thought was the standard glue stuff to find black silicon glue crap and the paint pealing up :( So i've replaced it and stuck it back on.

So yeah having the car the way it is now is nice, and its good to hear what you guys on the forum think. So for the time being it's staying black and if I can get hold of some Morettes then that would be a good headlight upgrade.

When the weather gets better, *hoping tomorrow is* I will get some better pictures of the car as it is now.

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Yeah that's true. Expensive to find and difficult to find a set in mint condition. I think most people wire one of the headlights on them to work as an indicator

Whatever you do, don't go Angel eyes!
Yeah I won't go with angel eyes now haha :)

If you want to colour code the bumpers but aren't because of the side strips then you could always colour code the side strips too? A couple of people on here have done that and it looks fine.
Yeah I noticed a picture of a B in silver with colour coded bump strips and black bumpers, and yeah it did look great. May well be worth trying that, when the weathers better.

This one, who's is it :p

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Ok small update, got a neverbeen sticker. Found another random fastcar sticker "The Bird" haha. Just put them on the car now :)

Cleaned under the sticker before putting it on.

Much better angle :p

"The Bird" sticker

Nicer image of the front of the car, gonna move the I love speedbumps sticker.

Photoshoped colour coded GSI bumper, gonna have to wait a few months before this happens tho.

Hoping to get another set of lights and will make some homemade depo's since I can't find or afford the real thing right now haha

Comments welcome guys :)

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looks tidy but i'd get rid of those stripes and get the rust sorted instead imo, lot more silver ones coming up on this site now
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