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I know, i've posted in General Chat, but I don't think Regions is very active?

Anyway, there's a corsa meet this sunday in Stoke, and was wondering if some of you would like to pop along?

NWNW Meet - Darlaston Inn, 5th August 2007

Darlaston Inn - Meaford, Stone, Staffordshire, ST15 0PX

Google map:,-2.169135&spn=0.005447,0.019956&z=16&om=1

Meet Details can be found here if you're interested in coming? It's already going to be a huge meet, would be nice to see as many people there as possible :thumbs:

Its a corsasport meet, but anybody is welcome! There's 40+ cars going, so its going to great meet! And also a great chance to see other cars etc :)
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