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I own a 2003 corsa C SXI,

Ive noticed since having my car Im topping up the oil more then I should (10/40 semi synthetic)... once or twice a month, also Ive notice in thick traffic or in idle the temperature gauge goes just over half way, then once Ive parked up, now and then I can smell ''what can only be described as'' boiled water...

Could anybody give me any advice with my problem or whether its a normal occurrence,

Any advice or tip's would be much appreciated,


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Welcome to the Forum.

If you are sure that there are no oil leaks (oil deposits on the floor where you park), then the engine must be using oil and unless you are doing VERY high mileages between topping up, then that is unusual.
Have a look at the tail-pipe of the exhaust and check to see if there are any oily deposits inside it, if there are, this may confirm that the engine is burning oil.
If the car is burning oil, you really need a compression test and a cylinder leakage test to determine what is causing the problem.

The temperature gauge WILL tend to climb when at traffic lights or in slow moving traffic, as there is no air passing over the radiator to cool it, but as the gauge only goes half way up, this sort of suggests that the electric fan is cutting in (perhaps you can hear it)

If the coolant level is going down, it may be that the reservoir cap seal is not doing its job, this would cause the coolant to boil and that is what you can smell or there may be a leak somewhere else which is aggravated as the pressure in the system increases.

If the coolant level IS going down and you are unable to find a cause, do come back and we will try and point you in the right direction, but to start with, just consecrate on the above basic points.

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