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the new LE 5 door

not been on for a while as been waiting for the new car to arrive, it's a 2013 1.2 corsa D 5 door LIMITED EDITION in chilli orange, there are only 36 built fo far and in this colour/body style and this is #035 and also the only one with optional extras fitted as a factory build, we added the winter pack and bluetooth

we picked it up on friday afternoon and have done a few subtle things so far

debadged, smd numberplate lamp's and silvatecs

domed dash badge

tax disk holder

internal sunstrip

front tints and sunstrip combo

these tints are not actually as dark as they look in the pic's thery are a shade lighter than factory but angle makes them look too dark, and yes in know they are illegal but the veccy has had them on for 5 yrs with no hastle from the fuzz or at MOT time

just waiting on a call to say vinyl is in then it's in for the grill and fog chrome to be sorted out....

rate or slate :wink:

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Looks nice. I'm sure they sell more of the "Limited Edition" than any other spec though.
they are good seller's especially in the 3 door model in white !!! lol

I like it, shame it is a more door Corsa D though.
5 door's are the

update and pic's......

eventualy caught a break in the weather and finished early enough to do a few bit's today so both sunglasses holder's were fitted, airbox got de-restricted, from this

to this

Any way, out with the old, in with the new...

back together and sticker on

spare wheel sat nicely in the wheel well with temp modified tool holder, bit dissapointed that vx didnt paint the wheel well and lower floor area propperly, even the tie down point's seem to just have been wafted over

a big change here,

as you can see, CC grill and fog bit's, cant believe the difference they have made to the car !!

a bit more CC added

griffins painted - laqured and then fitted back to centre caps...

fitted back on the car...

then the next mod, i have CC side repeaters on my vectra but i am a bit undecided on the corsa tbh, not sure if they just need a polish up or do i just strip them back and tint them ???

also noticed it looks like someone has had a go at the LE badge as it's got a dent in it and is coming away on the top right hand corner.....may just be the excuse to loose them all together !!!


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I'm liking the nice subtle touches.
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