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We have all done it, at least once in our lives. Although the term “Ghosting” is typically used in the context of dating, it can be applied to other areas of our life as well.

Have a friend you haven’t texted back in a while? A project group mate that you were too lazy to update? Here’s a few possible reasons why we ghost, the effects of ghosting and three practical ways we can try to avoid it.

Source: ABC
Why do we ghost, really?
When life gets busy, we tend to switch off and ignore the heaps of spam coming into our inbox. We do it unintentionally: a message comes in when we are in the middle of something and we make a mental note to reply later…except that later never comes (whoops). Texting our friends back takes a backseat over work; work gets busy and we forget to reply – we are always chasing an endless chain of things to do next.

Sometimes, we do it intentionally. Maybe we’ve been on a date that was so awkward that we contemplated escaping during our “bathroom break”, or we just didn’t feel like turning up for a CCA thing after pulling an all-nighter on an assignment. It just seems easier to not explain ourselves. We feel like it would make things more awkward, we don’t know how to phrase things, or maybe we even feel like we don’t really need to reply – after all, we don’t owe anyone an explanation right?

Well, here’s the simple reason why we shouldn’t ghost.
It all comes down to this: in dealing with human relationships, we should also consider the impacts of our actions on others. While life still goes on even if you don’t send that text back, or tell that awkward date that you have decided to move on, it leaves things on assumption, creating unnecessary hurt and a potential build-up of negative emotions. Think about it this way: we’ve all ghosted on others before, but we’ve also been ghosted too. Surely, it can’t feel nice being on the receiving end. Ghosting creates friction in our relationships with others and chips away at the bonds forged, regardless of whether we notice it or not.
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