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done quite alot today,

gman came round and we made a start fitting the engine.

While i was waiting on him arriving i made use of my time by detarring the fuel lines, the fuel tank and one side of the car:eek:

got the car up in the air:

the engine:

car meets engine:

all bolted in:

its this low without a bumper on:

It doesnt run yet coz i havent got the fuel pump off gregor yet, and it isnt bolted in fully because i lost the bolts that go through the gearbox mount into the chassis. Wee trip down to vauxhall tomorrow is required i think.

Need to sort something out with regards to a fan aswell as it wont fit when we put the manifold on, had to cut it off, lol.


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Good progress Mark. Would've been ideal to add to your old progress thread if you hadn't deleted it :thumbs_up:
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