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me n the old man got a hold of 2 alpine limited edition iPOD's

fitted to the car today..... no more cd's
so theres an alpine 6 disk changer up for sale!!

heres the pics, also fed the wire from the boot to connect my fone to the tv... pretty kool

heres where the fone will sit when connected to the tv

a few other pics from a shoot the other night

list of mods so far

alpine type x 12" sub
alpine type X components
alpine v12 amps x3
alpine dts convertor
alpine 6 disk changer
alpine digital sattelite tv box
alpine centre channel (fitted where clock is)
alpine tv screen/headunit
alpine ipod
and a huug ass battery in the front, modified window to fit it in

new nokia car kit with screen

momo steering wheel
sri pedals

sri spoiler
17" momo GTR's
8000k HID's
LED sidelights
upgraded indicator bulbs

what do we think?
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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