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Hi All,

I have been searching the web for a while and trying to figure out what is going on with my car. I don't have a great understanding of mechanics but I try my best.
My car is a 2006 opel corsa utility(not sure if that means it is a corsa b or c).
I have had it for 3 years.

It started giving problems with the speedometer reading not working, low jerking idle, car jerking occasionally while driving, lack of power and heavy petrol smell. At the time I assumed all the problems were related.
After figuring out the wires on the speedometer sensor had snap due to the clip that holds them in place breaking and them rubbing against the gear lever(part near gearbox). I fixed all the wiring and thought it would all be fine.
I went for a drive still same jerking and idle problems.
I also tried an ecu reset, it was no help.

I then decided to change the spark plug as the symptoms seemed like that of a misfire and one of the spark plugs was very black on the back end where the connector attaches. Still no luck.

I also changed the battery which was old and had a bit of a leak. went for a drive things felt a bit better(idle still low 700-800rpm).
After driving for about 20 minutes the heat gauge went up to near the red line and car was jerking again. I stopped the car drove home slowly and have not been in the mood to look at the car today. I also noticed it seems to be taking a long time to heat up to the centre of the gauge(15-20 minutes).

One thing I have notice is while the idling if I push one of the spark plug connectors down, the one that was black on the back. the jerking seems to get a bit less.

The car is regularly serviced, but has had a lot of issues since I bought it second hand, including the crank gear breaking and having to reengineer the crank shaft.

I have mostly taken it to the mechanic to fix whenever there was a problem, but after being unemployed for a while I am a bit short on cash and have a lot of time. I would really appreciate any suggestion of what you think the problem may be.

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Just to let you know how its going.

I replaced the spark plug wires yesterday. The idle problem as well as jerking and petrol smell are now gone.

I also flushed the cooling system and put in new water and coolant.
Went for a drive all seemed good, until it overheated again, I didn't let it get above 3/4 on the gauge but it was getting there.
The temperature gauge also seemed like it was also taking long to heat up.

I assume the gauge reading comes from the coolant?
It seems like the coolant is only heating up when the engine heats up is that how it should be?

The water seem to be pumping through the radiator, and the fan seems to be working fine.
Not sure if I should look at the radiator, or thermostat next, or if the problem is actually the engine.
I did have radiator changed about 3 years back.
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