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HI All,

I am new here and wondered if anyone can be of help and advice.

I have the above car a 52 2003 reg and I have noticed for a while now that the auto gear does not always changes as required, mostly if the road is elevated it stays in gear one and does not go to 2 I have to manually change to 2 and then it start changing normally again. Some times I ll have to rev to over 3000 rev to force it to change but at the expense of fuel. This happens a lot and I have decided to see if I can get it sorted. Apart from this issue its drives fine but this is driving me nuts now. the car is for my Mrs but due to mine being repaired I am having to drive it more now.

Can someone please share any tip son what could likely be causing this and potential solution or further troubleshooting.

A picture of the gear is shown below apologies for the dirty picture.

Thanks in advance.

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