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Hi All.

I am a newbie here, so just trying to find my way. My wife owns a 2013 vauxhall corsa bought second hand, however the warning is coming up that it needs a first service.

I phoned up the local vauxhall dealer and the prices i am being quoted is somewhat shocking, the car was registered in Feb 2013 and I was under the impression that the warranty also covers service, and apparently it doesnt.

I would like to know whether there are any schemes that I can leverage, where you pay a specific amount and you have servicing for a period of time etc.

Or is is just better that i visit an independent mechanic.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

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Welcome to the Forum.

You need to be a bit careful here, as you could easily void your warranty.
After many years where you HAD to get the servicing done by a dealership (for most makes, that is) it is now possible to have the servicing carried out by other people.
However, it would pay you to locate a trusted garage, preferably a Vauxhall Specialist (These have normally been trained at a dealership and are up to date with the latest models)
Avoid the 'back yard' people who are unable to stamp your service record book.

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