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It's a message board of sorts which allows people to offer and accept people's old, no longer needed items.

As it says, one persons junk is another's treasure.

You sign up to what I gather is a yahoo group for your area, then you gain access to all the offers available.

A few examples of items on my loacal area board is:
OFFER: Drawing Board (East Hull)
OFFER: videos (east Hull)
OFFER: High sleeper metal bed (Cherry Burton, near Beverley)
OFFER: Windows 98 software(Sigglesthorne)
OFFER: three-seater settee (Cottingham Road area)
OFFER: Old broken toastie maker & broken whistling kettle (Avenues)

As you can see, the items vary in what they are and no doubt the condition will vary greatly.

The biggest, main point is that everything is free.

You can also post wanted ads aswell if you are looking for a certain thing.

Just thought I'd post it as I thought it was an excellent idea.

I've been having a good read through the offers.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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