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Its a Corsa Sport 1.6 16v.

Tops of the bumpers and arches have been sprayed in rover gunmetal grey

Pics from when I bought it:

Anyway, got rid of the rear lights

And then gave it a clean

Original plans were to put it on black softstars and lower it 80mm rear & 60 front, but i didn't like the look of it

So now the plans are to put it on cesaro alloys with a difference...

Car will be a lot lower though, 100/105mm at the rear, and 70mm at the front.

I'll do a welded semi smooth boot when i have a chance, and i'll put that on aswell, which should look like this

Maybe with a light tint, im undecided at the moment

I've ordered the south african rear lights, and they should be with me between 2 & 6 weeks.

I'll update this thread whatever progress i do, any comments welcome
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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