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My girlfriend's 1994 1.4Si has been running really well, completely without issue for the last year since she bought it. On Thursday she had driven over to visit her parents for an hour and when she came out the car just wouldn't start, not even a hint of catching.

It had only ever given trouble starting once, just a few weeks ago, but it caught after a few minutes and no issues since.

To cut a long story short I've deduced that the fuel pump isn't priming or pumping, no fuel is reaching the engine at all and I've ran out of ideas why.

Below is a list of the checks and actions I've completed so far, all with no success:

  • There was ample fuel in the tank - just been to the garage (~3/4 full)

  • Used spark plug stobe testers - all plugs were firing in sequence

  • Replaced all plugs to be sure

  • Used Wet Start contact spray on all connections to ensure they were dry

  • Checked battery terminal connections were tight, clean and secure

  • Removed a new plug after trying to start for a bit - it was completely dry and didn't smell of petrol

  • Listened for fuel priming when the key was turned to on - no sound

  • Checked fuel pump fuse - OK

  • Local garage ran diagnostics - No fault codes logged and Injector test and

  • Ignition Coil test programs ran and completed ok.

  • Tried to bump start by towing - not even a hint of catching

  • Loosened fuel up take and return pipes near the injector - virtually no fuel trickled out

  • Turned key to on - no pressure, no fuel came out

  • Completely loosened the compression fittings, no fuel in the lines at all and no change when the key was turned to on

  • Changed fuel filter

  • Looked for the fuel filter relay - its not there?! Removed the RHS footwell trim and found the bracket where the relay should be but no holder or relay?

  • Checked and found an aftermarket alarm fitted - Sonar 415 DGT

  • The key fob appears to open and close the central locking and arm and disarm the alarm ok.

I can't find any further info on the alarm any where online so am wondering if it is an immobiliser too and looks after the fuel pump relay action now?

I've also read that the crank sensors can give trouble on these Corsas, would the plugs be firing correctly if that is the case? Can I test it using a multimeter?

My only thoughts now are:

1) The fuel pump is shot - don't know how to safely test it?
2) The alarm \ immobiliser is playing silly buggers - don't know how to investigate further?
3) The crank sensor is the phantom cause?
4) Some other electrical, relay or fuse issue - don't know how to track it down?

I'm stumped on this one and really need some help to be pointed in the right direction!

Many thanks, a very frustrated Gareth
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