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Hi all,

A bit of a random (and brand new to me!) problem appeared today on my 1.4 Corsa Sport that has left me a tad worried about undertaking some long motorway drives I have coming up.

I gave the Corsa the beans in second up to about 6k/6.5k revs earlier today up toward a junction; when slowing down and stopping at the junction the engine cut out completely. I restarted it and the revs immediately dropped below 1k causing the engine to cut out again. I only managed to pull away from the junction by holding revs on the accelerator and then nursed the Corsa home with it wanting to cut out every time I lifted off of the accelerator regardless of what gear I was in at the time. Throughout all of this the engine temperature was sitting at the normal 93/95 degrees.

It took a good 20 minutes before I could then get the engine to start and idle normally (around 1.1k on my car due to the powerbox manifold and deleted EGR valve; both done around a year ago without issue) without cutting out. It also revs up to 6.5k and settles back to idle without cutting out.

I've ran it around the block a few times and the problem seems to have been cured but the real test will be the drive to work tomorrow in city traffic; I'm hoping it doesn't cut out again!

Does anybody have any idea what may have caused this and what can be done, if it reoccurs, to resolve it permanently?

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