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XE/LET conversion bits Nova/Corsa/Tigra - Mounts/hubs/shafts/ 3" exhaust/brakes/loom

Alloy FMIC with pipework, joiners and clamps. Not sure if it's complete but looks close enough.


256mm grooved and drilled brake kit (calipers, discs and pads), not seen much use. These are also known as 2.0 brakes.


Big block hubs with bearings pressed into Corsa B / Tigra steering knuckles (as per picture above - everything minus the brakes) - £100

Conversion shafts, I'm told they are Mtec. Fit F16/F18/F20/F28 in Corsa/Nova/Tigra. One CV boot has a slight tear


Slimline fan


Single vee conversion kit. Consists of alternator with brackets, belt, tensioner and pulleys. Everything you need


3" turbo back system. Including TX 3" downpipe and powerflow exhaust. Most of it's 3" with a couple of 2.5" pieces, and 3" tip to backbox


Full set of engine mounts (2x engine, 1x gearbox), still on engine at present but will remove for buyer

£70 for the lot

F16/F18/F20 conversion linkage (pictured above), complete, £50

C20LET engine loom modified for Corsa B / Tigra plug, works perfectly / tested


No offers thanks
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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